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Disney Pin Collections For Sale

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I love collecting and trading pins and have been doing so for about 10 years now.

There are so many types of Disney pins to collect, from Jumbo to Tiny, Limited Edition to Open Edition, Old and New, you name it we have it.

My collections have grown too large and too many, so I decided to weed through them and pick out pins to keep, and pins to not keep.

The pins I decide to not keep I list for sale in my pin store at

You can find tons of cool pins for sale for cheap...

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We Are Disney Pin Buyers

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Do you have pins or pin collections that you no longer want?  Not into pin trading and buying anymore and want to sell your pins?

Everything Disney Pins can help you out! We buy individual pins or pin collections, lots, ect.

Selling pins is hard work and takes lots of time, some pins can sit around for years before they are sold.

Don't hold onto pins you don't want, get CASH now by selling them!

My name is Elizabeth Donoho, please email me at if you have pins that you want to sell.  Make sure to send pictures of...

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Buyer Beware - Disney Pin Trading Lots

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Authentic Pin Lots

You may or may-not know that there are fake or scrapper pins, as well as real or authentic pins, for sale and trade.

Most people who are trading for the first time in the Disney Parks and Resorts purchase pin lots before they go on vacation, it saves a lot of money because you can find them cheaper online.

What they don't know is that 98% of pin lots sold online at eBay and Amazon are fake scrapper pins.

Some people are against fake pins and...

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What is a Disney Pin and How do I Trade?

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What is a Disney Pin and How do I Trade?  Great question!

    •  A pin is basically a piece of metal that is made or authorized by Disney, with the intentions of being collected, traded, or sold. :)
      •  You will only find Disney owned characters and movies represented on the pins, no Harry Potter or My Little Pony here.
        •  The first ever pins were given out in the 1930's and they have been collected and worn as jewelry for many...

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        Disney Pins for Sale or Trade

        Store News

        Hi! My name is Elizabeth Donoho, my sister Amy and I are the owners of multiple YouTube channels (I will link them below) and an online pin store.

        Our passion is sharing information with the world, and living life to the fullest. Our family lives a few minutes from the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World.

        One of our biggest addiction, besides cruising the high seas, is Disney Trading Pins. We have been buying, collecting, and trading pins for a long time and it...

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